Mar. 7 Single Series
Living Well

Birthing Your Way


Join a certified doula as she guides birthing persons, their partners, and support systems on what to expect during pregnancy and birth.

This offering will provide a deeper understanding of the birthing process from all perspectives -whether you are a birthing person, partner, or family/friend support - each person can play an important role in the birth journey. Tiana will discuss accessible support in the community and provide an overview of birth plans and how they can be used to advocate for our birthing preferences. We will be covering frequently asked questions regarding pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Participants will leave this offering with a better understanding of the birth experience, as well as how to identify and voice preferences, questions, and concerns at doctor's appointments and during labor.

This event is canceled and no longer accepting registrations.




    Thursday, March 7, 12-12:45 pm