MVP has lots of ways to keep you connected to valuable plan resources from anywhere. Two of the best tools are your online account and the all-new myMVP mobile app.

The key to both of these tools is your secure sign-in credentials. Your sign-in credentials are an email and password pair that give you access to both tools.

How to Create Your Credentials

Creating your sign-in credentials only takes a couple minutes. Before you start, make sure you have your MVP Member ID card and access to a valid email address. If you’re creating a Child Health Plus (CHP) account for a dependent, you’ll need their Member ID card.

When you’re ready, click Create My Account, then Register Now. Or see below for detailed walkthroughs of the account creation process.

  • Setting Up a Member Account

  • Setting up a Child Health Plus (CHP) Account

  • Setting up a Non-Member Account