MVP added new, secure sign-in features to your account on June 14, 2021. If you haven’t signed in since then, you’ll need to update your sign in information, even if you don’t want to use the new features.

Updating your information should only take a few moments. You’ll need your Member ID card, so be sure to have it handy. When you’re ready, click Update Account Information below, then click Register Now toward the bottom of the screen. You will be guided through a few quick steps to create a new account sign-in and connect it to your member information.

If you already created a new sign-in, you can sign into your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I still use one email address to manage more than one account?

    No. Our new secure sign-in features require every account to be connected to a unique email address.

  • Are there any new sign-in options?

    Yes! You may use Social sign-in (optional), which allows you to use an Apple, Facebook, or Google account to sign into your online account. Using social sign-in does not share personal data with the service provider. You may disconnect a social sign-in at any time by signing into your account, selecting Update Account above, and then selecting the account(s) you wish to disconnect.

Child Health Plus (CHP) Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I update my sign-in information if I am a CHP Head of Household (HoH)?

    If you are a CHP HoH and have other insurance with MVP, click Update Account Information above then click Register Now, then select MVP Member Account when prompted. This will guide you through the process to create an account for your coverage and link your dependents under age 12 with Child Health Plus coverage.

    If you are a CHP HoH with no other coverage from MVP, click Update Account Information above, then click Register Now, then select Child Health Plus Account

  • If I am the CHP Head of Household how do I access information for my dependents?

    CHP Heads of Household should update their account information using the Subscriber ID that ends with “00” on their ID card. Any dependents associated with that Subscriber ID will be automatically added to their online account.

    Dependents age 12 and over must register for their own account.

  • Are there any other changes to CHP HoH accounts?

    Yes. Going forward, when you sign into your CHP HoH account, you’ll be asked to select which of your dependents under the age of 12 you’d like to see information for. If you’d like to make a payment, choose your Head of Household account. If you’d like to see claims for a dependent, choose the appropriate dependent’s name.