MVP is proud to offer Medicare Advantage plans to retirees of employer and union groups throughout our service area. Our plans offer comprehensive coverage beyond Medicare Parts A and B, including prescription drug coverage, worldwide emergency room and urgent care coverage, and access to an extensive network of doctors and hospitals, plus out of area coverage.

Plan Information

All MVP Employer Group Medicare Advantage plans include:

  • $0 Preferred Generic Drugs
  • $0 SilverSneakers® fitness membership
  • $0 telemedicine services, including emergency, urgent, and primary care, as well as mental health and psychiatry
  • $200 WellBeing Rewards for completing health and wellness activities
  • Hearing aid discounts — save thousands of dollars off retail
  • Programs to support your complete well-being, from chronic conditions to behavioral health

Learn more about your plan Health & Wellness benefits here and find important Forms here. Or sign in to your MVP member account to view specific benefit information, such as coverage and cost details, and to access plan documents.

Drug Coverage

MVP’s Medicare Advantage plans provide comprehensive prescription drug coverage with access to Medicare-approved drugs and benefits that offer more than the standard Part D coverage.

For a full list of generic and brand name drugs covered by MVP Employer Group Medicare Advantage plans (also known as a formulary), view the documents below.

MVP Formulary Documents

2022 documents

2021 documents

$0 Preferred Generic Drugs

MVP covers many commonly used generic drugs at no cost. Tier 1 of the Formulary—Preferred Generic Drugs—includes select drugs to treat diabetes, blood pressure, bone health, and high cholesterol. Talk to your doctor to see if these drugs may be right for you.

  • To Control Blood Pressure

    • amlodipine tabs
    • atenolol/chlorthalidone tabs
    • atenolol tabs
    • benazepril/hydrochlorothiazide tabs
    • benazepril tabs
    • bisoprolol tabs
    • fumarate/hydrochlorothiazide tabs
    • bisoprolol tabs
    • fumarate tabs
    • carvedilol tabs
    • enalapril tabs
    • maleate/hydrochlorothiazide tabs
    • enalapril tabs
    • maleate tabs
    • fosinopril/HCTfurosemide tabs
    • hydrochlorothiazide caps and tabs
    • indapamide tabs
    • irbesartan tabs
    • irbesartan/hydrochlorothiazide tabs
    • lisinopril/hydrochlorothiazide tabs
    • lisinopril tabs
    • losartan potassium tabs
    • losartan potassium/hydrochlorothiazide tabs
    • metoprolol ER
    • metoprolol/hydrochlorothiazide tabs
    • metoprolol tartrate tabs
    • moexipril tabs
    • moexipril/hydrochlorothiazide tabs
    • propranolol/hydrochlorothiazide tabs
    • propranolol tabs
    • quinapril tabs
    • ramipril caps
    • spironolactone tabs
    • spironolactone/hydrochlorothiazide tabs
    • telmisartan
    • trandolapriltriamterene/hydrochlorothiazide caps and tabs
    • valsartan tabs
    • valsartan/hydrochlorothiazide tabs

  • To Treat Osteoporosis/Bone Health

    • alendronate sodium 35 mg and 70 mg tabs

  • To Control High Cholesterol

    • atorvastatin tabs
    • lovastatin tabs
    • pravastatin tabs
    • simvastatin tabs

  • To Treat Diabetes

    • glimepiride
    • tabsglipizide
    • tabsglipizide ER tabs
    • glipizide XL
    • metformin tabs
    • metformin ER tabs
      (generic Glucophage XR only)

  • To Treat Thyroid Conditions

    • euthyrox tablets
    • levo-t tablets
    • levothyroxine tablets
    • np thyroid tablets

  • To Treat Acid Reflux

    • omeprazole capsule 20mg & 40 mg
    • pantoprazole tablet 20mg & 40 mg

Drugs with restrictions

For safety reasons and/or cost savings, certain prescription drugs have added requirements for coverage or limits on coverage. These requirements and limits ensure that members use these drugs in the most effective way and help control drug plan costs. A team of doctors and pharmacists developed these requirements and limits for our health plans to help us provide quality coverage to our members.

Quantity Limits

Certain drugs have limits on the quantity that can be covered.

See a full list of drugs with quantity limits for 2021 here or See a full list of drugs with quantity limits for 2022 here.

Prior Authorizations

Some drugs require approval, also known as prior authorization, from MVP before they can be filled.

See a full list of drugs that require prior authorizations for 2021 here or See a full list of drugs that require prior authorizations for 2022 here.

Step Therapy

In some cases, MVP may require a member to try certain drugs to treat a medical condition before another drug will be covered. This is called step therapy.

See a full list of drugs that require step therapy for 2021 here.

Learn More

You can learn more about your prescription drug coverage, including participating pharmacies and cost-saving mail-order prescriptions on our Medicare Part D page.

MVP® USA Care PPO® plan

If your employer offers USA Care, you have the freedom to see any provider in the U.S. who accepts Medicare for a fixed co-pay. You cannot be billed for any other amounts above your cost-sharing amount.

USA Care works just like traditional health insurance. Simply show your MVP USA Care Member ID card at the doctor’s office. You may have a co-pay due at that time.

To be eligible to provide care to a USA Care plan member, providers must be state-licensed and have a Medicare billing number, or be eligible to obtain one. Institutional providers treating USA Care members, such as hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, must contract with Medicare to treat Medicare beneficiaries. The Medicare program reports that over 90% of all health care providers accept Medicare payment. To find doctors, hospitals, and other providers who participate with Medicare, visit Medicare’s website.

If your doctor or other health care provider would like more information about USA Care, they may call MVP Provider Services at 1-800-684-9286.

USA Care Provider Tip Sheet (PDF)

Provider Claim Forms: