MVP Health Care Announces Holistic Wellness Options for Families, Individuals, and Employers in New York

Health Insurer Investing in Social Well-Being, Telemedicine, and No-Cost Health Savings Accounts for its Members

Open Enrollment Begins November 1st for New Members, November 16th for Returning Members

Contact: Michelle Golden

Schenectady, NY, October 31, 2019—MVP Health Care today announced that beginning on January 1, 2020, families, individuals, and employers in New York will have access to new and innovative benefits that can improve their overall health and well-being. At the start of the new year, MVP’s members will have access to a no-cost Health Savings Account, on-demand telemedicine visits, a national network of providers, and can earn up to a $600 through its well-being incentive program.

“For 2020, MVP is investing in unprecedented options that complement our member’s lifestyle and creates an experience that feels personal,” Christopher Del Vecchio, MVP Health Care’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “At MVP Health Care, we are committed to providing comprehensive, high-quality, and cost-effective health insurance coverage that works to improve our member’s overall health and wellness.”

Beginning in January 2020, MVP will waive administrative fees for members wanting to enroll in or use a Health Savings Account (HSA) with a qualified high-deductible health plan. An HSA is a personal, tax-free checking account that members can use to help offset health care costs. An HSA can pay for qualified, out-of-pocket, health-related expenses, including an annual deductible that works to financially support consumers during times of need.

“We know that cost is always a major factor when selecting a health plan that is right for our members and their families,” said Del Vecchio. “That is why our commitment to control costs through innovative and collaborative solutions, a national network of providers, an investment in social services, and a focus on building healthy communities is so important.”

MVP is also working to help its members become healthier in all aspects of life, and as a result, members can earn up to $600 with well-being rewards for making healthy choices in various lifestyle categories such as: social, physical, and mind & spirit. By participating in a yoga class, purchasing an activity tracker, taking an art classes, or even buying a museum subscription, MVP Health Care is investing in holistic wellness options outside of traditional medical care that fits the needs of its members.

MVP’s members can also utilize its telemedicine tool, myVisitNow®, to connect with a doctor or other health care professional, such as a mental health counselor or psychiatrist, using a smartphone, tablet, or computer at any time or place that is convenient to them. MVP’s telemedicine service is unique because it allows the user to see the same counselor, psychiatrist, or dietician each time to build relationships and provide continuity of care. Since September 2018, MVP has seen not only a 50% increase in the use of its telemedicine app, but 29% of all visits have been for behavioral health or psychiatric needs and overall enrollment and utilization specifically for behavioral health visits has increased by 193%. Results show that investing in telemedicine is proven to be an effective way to access health care services, especially in rural areas, and as a result, MVP will continue to offer access to myVisitNow at low or no cost to its members.

The open enrollment period for health insurance coverage beginning on January 1, 2020 starts on November 1, 2019. To learn more about MVP’s coverage options visit

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