Preventive Dental Benefits Under Your MVP Medicare Advantage Plan

All MVP Medicare Advantage plans include coverage for preventive dental services. Some plans cover additional comprehensive dental benefits, or you can add even more dental coverage to meet your needs with the optional supplemental dental rider.

Dental Benefit Highlights

All MVP Medicare Advantage plans cover two exams, two cleanings, and two sets of X-rays per calendar year.

You also have coverage for additional comprehensive dental services if you have one of the following plans:

  • Preferred Gold with Part D
  • Preferred Gold without Part D
  • WellSelect Plus

You will receive a separate dental ID card for your dental plan. Show this card when you receive dental services. You can choose to go to any dentist, but your costs generally will be lower if you go to a DenteMax Medicare dentist.

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DenteMax Network

Generally, your costs will be lower if a DenteMax Medicare dentist treats you. DenteMax Medicare dentists accept the maximum allowable benefit amount per service as payment in full. You will not be billed for additional costs for dental services covered by the plan.

If you choose to go to another dentist, you may pay more. Dentists outside of the DenteMax network can bill you for additional costs if what they charge is more than the maximum benefit amount for preventive services the plan covers.

Learn more about the DenteMax network and out-of-network dental fees:

Dental Benefit Details

The amount MVP pays a dentist for covered services is based on the maximum allowable benefit amount for each service. If your dentist charges more than the maximum allowable benefit for a service, we may bill you for the difference.

You are responsible for:

  • 100% of all charges that exceed the maximum allowable benefit amount
  • Any services provided after you meet your annual allowance
  • Any dental services this benefit doesn’t cover
  • Costs for services once you reach your plan’s annual benefit amount

You can’t carry over any unused part of your annual benefit amount to the next calendar year. Sign into your Member online account to view your Evidence of Coverage or plan Riders for more details. If your coverage is through a former employer who has purchased additional dental coverage, see your plan Riders or contact your group for more information about your dental benefit coverage.

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Requesting Reimbursements

If you need to request a reimbursement for a dental service, download the Medical and Dental Claim Reimbursement Form (PDF).