New from Gia® – Scarlet Health® Mobile Lab Test Collection

Gia now brings test collection to our members’ doorsteps with Scarlet Health and BioReference Laboratories (one of our preferred provider lab facilities), offering mobile lab test collection for blood work, urine tests, and COVID-19 PCR tests.

The Easiest Lab Test Ever

Scarlet means MVP members don’t need to go to a lab anymore. Now they can have safe and convenient specimen collection wherever and whenever they need it, at no additional cost.

No need to take time off. No need to arrange childcare or transportation. No need to mess up schedules or sit in crowded waiting rooms. Instead, members can take the safer and more convenient route for more than 1,500 different lab tests, including:

  • COVID-19 PCR
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) (electrolyte levels, kidney and liver function testing)
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) w/differential
  • Screening and monitoring tests for diabetes/prediabetes (such as glucose, A1C, kidney function, urine protein)
  • Allergen Testing (environmental, respiratory, food, etc.)

And many, many more.

Two Ways to Use Mobile Lab Test Collection

Members ages 10+ (4+ for COVID-19 PCR) have two convenient ways to access mobile lab test collection.

If they need a doctor to order a lab test, the easiest thing to do is download Gia® by MVP from the App Store or Google Play. Then they can start a consultation and ask their Gia provider to order lab tests through Scarlet.

If they’ll be seeing a doctor soon or already have a lab order, they can ask for a printed copy of the order, then upload it on Scarlet’s website.

How Mobile Test Collection Works

  • Scarlet Health sends the member an email or text message with a link to schedule their visit. The member picks two dates and times that work, and Scarlet confirms one.

  • The day before the appointment, a Scarlet Health Professional calls the member to remind them of the visit and answer questions.

  • The day of the appointment, Scarlet sends the member an email and text to notify them when the Scarlet Health Professional (SHP) is en route, and again when the Scarlet Health Professional arrives.

  • The Scarlet Health Professional collects the specimen and delivers it to the lab.

  • Once ready, test results are sent to the ordering provider and the member is sent an email with instructions to securely access their results online.