Published January 2024

MVP is committed to working with our Participating Providers to ensure that our Members receive the appropriate care throughout the year.

As a reminder, the cutoff date for 2023 Gaps in Care (GIC) Submissions was January 19, 2024, and documentation cannot be accepted beyond this date.

Measurement year 2024 GIC submissions resume on May 6, 2024. Please use the Gaps in Care report showing claims through March 20, 2024, to capture all first quarter 2024 services.

2024 HEDIS Review Project

As of January 19, 2024, the MVP HEDIS Operations team will transition to the annual HEDIS Review Project, continuing through April 2024. Providers should expect to receive medical record requests from MVP’s HEDIS vendor, Complex Care Solutions. If MVP has remote access to your practice’s Electronic Health Record (EHR), the HEDIS Operations team will perform the chart collection and you will not receive a request. Providing EHR access saves your practice time and avoids administrative burdens of submitting your own HEDIS records and vendor fees for medical record retrieval services.

Breast Cancer Screening (BCS-E)

MVP Auditors have informed our HEDIS Operations Team that NCQA will once again accept medical record documentation submissions to close GIC for the Breast Cancer Screening (BCS-E) measure in 2024. After providing these screenings, please promptly submit mammogram studies or exclusionary evidence such as bilateral mastectomies, use of palliative care, or hospice services during the measurement year to support your GIC measure.

Glycemic Status Assessment in Patients with Diabetes (GSD)

For measurement year 2024, the HEDIS HBD measure (Hemoglobin A1c Control for Patients with Diabetes) has been renamed “Glycemic Status Assessment in Patients with Diabetes (GSD).” GIC for this measure cannot be closed using the CPTII code for HbA1c testing alone. Please use the following CPTII codes to get credit for closing GSD gaps:

  • 3044F: <7.0%
  • 3046F: >9.0%
  • 3051F: ≥7.0% and <8.0%
  • 3052F: ≥8.0% and ≤9.0%

Weight Assessment and Counseling for Children and Adolescents (WCC)

To close gaps and improve scores for the WCC measure, please review the appropriate codes and tips here.

Closing Gaps in Care

Review other articles in this issue regarding closing gaps in care.