Published April 2024

Medical record collection will resume on May 6, 2024. Please use your Gaps in Care (GIC) reports that starts with March 2024 to capture all first quarter services. 

As a reminder:

  • Please use the cover sheet that’s included with each monthly GIC report. Complete it in its entirety, including contact information and practice TIN. This ensures our team can reference the correct Gap List and if needed, contact your practice with questions about your submissions
  • Use the most recently published GIC report to avoid sending records for gaps that have already been closed with claims. All Provider practices can retrieve their own gaps reports through their MVP Provider Online Account. Please contact our HEDIS Operations team for a Step-Guide to do this or ask to have a copy sent to you monthly if preferred. Contact us at
  • Many of MVP’s Gaps in Care measures can be closed with claims using our 2024 Coding Reference Guides, which can be accessed here
  • Reminder about the KED measure: Patients require BOTH eGFR and uACR tests to fulfill this requirement
  • Although BCS and COL can now be closed with claims (BCS-e, COL-e) we will continue to accept medical record documentation for these 2 measures in 2024
  • IMA: We will collect medical record documentation for the HPV series only. HIXNY records are acceptable

Documentation Reminders

  • Please ensure that the Member date of birth is on all submitted documentation and the Member’s name is the same on the GIC report as on the medical record. In the case of a missing DOB or name discrepancy on a report, a patient demographic form showing the DOB, current and former name, or matching medical record number must accompany the record. Documentation cannot be accepted otherwise. HIXNY demographics show all current and former names used. 
  • Member death or use of hospice services any time in 2024 will exclude the Member from all measures. This documentation can be accepted in place of that required for any measure. Dates of.death and/or hospice use must be included.  

Closing Gaps in Care

Review other articles in this issue regarding closing gaps in care.