Gia® Can Help Support Your Patients’ Needs  

MVP understands the increasing demands on Providers when it comes to meeting patient needs. Between the health crisis emergency we’re facing, where many primary care practices struggle to keep up with demand, and the over utilization of Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care facilities, the health care system is overwhelmed. To help ensure your patients get the care they need, we ask our Provider partners to consider recommending Gia to MVP Members as an extension of their care team.  

The Gia by MVP mobile app is available 24/7 and allows Members to speak to live doctors who can triage Members and help them get the care they need, either by answering questions, diagnosing, and treating when possible, or referring to in-person care from nearby doctors, specialists, labs, and pharmacies when needed. Gia can connect Members to urgent/emergent care in minutes. By meeting our Members’ needs, we are removing the barriers to care so your patients stay more engaged with their health care when and where they need it.

A Member’s Guide to Their Health Plan  

Gia is also a guide to an MVP Member’s health plan. Members can use the Find a Doctor tool to search our wide network of valued primary care providers, specialists, and facilities – be sure your contact information is up to date!

They can also view and share their MVP ID cards with providers, or anyone they wish. Member’s medical, dental, and pharmacy claims are also accessible in Gia, as well as their deductibles and limits.

How MVP Members Can Access Gia

Members can search Gia by MVP in the Apple App Store or on Google Play, or learn more on our Gia for Members page.

Frequently Asked Questions  

  • Will I Receive a Summary of My Patient’s Gia Telemedicine Visit?
    If a Member supplies contact information for their PCP or specialist, a summary of the Member’s Gia visit will be made available to that Provider. If the Member does not supply the contact information for their PCP or specialist, a visit summary can be downloaded as a PDF in the Gia app. 
  • How Can a Patient Access Behavioral Health Services via Telemedicine?
    The behavioral health network is through myVisitNow®. Members can download the myVisitNow app on the Apple App Store® or on Google Play™. Providers cannot refer a Member to a specific Behavioral Health provider.  

    In addition, Members can also select the Everyday Care option in Gia for support with low-to-moderate level behavioral health needs primary care providers typically see, like depression and anxiety. Everyday Care is offered through our partner, Galileo.  
  • Are There Any Risks to a Provider’s Quality and Performance Rates When Their Patients Use Gia / myVisitNow Instead of Going to The Provider’s office?
    Gia visits will generally impact a physician’s quality scores in the same way their patient’s use of brick-and-mortar urgent care centers might. We have worked closely with the Gia providers to close gaps in care for MVP Members, so that they use every interaction as a chance to intervene. We expect this to have positive results for both Providers and MVP’s quality scores. 
  • What Standards Are in Place to Ensure MVP Members Will See Highly Qualified Health Care Professionals?
    All providers of MVP telemedicine services must meet the same standards for credentialing as every Provider in our network. All internal quality assurance processes apply to any MVP Provider, regardless of whether they provide in-person or virtual care. 
  • What Is the Cost of Gia? 
    Gia is free for most MVP Members.  

    Gia virtual care services are available at no member cost-share for medical plans, including qualified high-deductible health plans (QHDHPs) upon enrollment and plan renewal. Exceptions may apply for self-funded plans.
  • If Gia Refers a Member to In-Person Care, What Is the Cost?
    The plan co-pays and cost shares will apply. 
  • Who Can Access This Service? 
    Gia virtual care services from MVP Health Care are available to all Members with an MVP medical plan.
  • Who Are MVP’s Partners in Bringing This Telemedicine Benefit to MVP Members?
    Gia telemedicine services from MVP are provided by UCM Digital Health, Galileo, and Amwell.