The USA Care PPO® Plan 

USA Care PPO from MVP Health Care is a Medicare Advantage PPO plan. USA Care PPO members are not restricted to a particular Provider network. Direct Provider contracts with MVP are not required with USA Care. USA Care PPO members do not need referrals and are free to obtain services from any Provider in the U.S. who is eligible to be paid under Original Medicare. Some services require prior authorization. 

Learn more: USA Care Provider Tip Sheet (PDF)


To determine an MVP member’s eligibility, Providers may choose any of the following options 

Login to their Provider Online Account or request access

Speak with a representative by calling the MVP Provider Services at 1-800-684-9286  

Utilize the MVP IVR phone system, which has access to the same information MVP representatives have access to, but you can obtain the information without speaking with anyone. To utilize this system, call MVP Provider Services at 1-800-684-9286, then press 1 for Provider. The system will prompt you to enter the Provider NPI and Tax ID number, then the member ID and date of birth. Finally, press 1 for eligibility.

For more information about USA Care, call MVP Provider Services at 1-800-684-9286

Provider Claim Forms: 

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