Training Instructions

Review the training content below and complete the knowledge check. If you don’t see the training presentation displayed below, please click the “Trouble viewing the presentation?” link below to open the training in a separate tab.

To successfully complete the training, you are required to score at or above 85% per CMS guidelines. Information contained in this training is confidential and proprietary – for internal use only.

Trouble viewing the presentation?

The National Medicare Exchanges Training 2023 will take you approximately 30 minutes to complete. There is no audio and you can advance each slide at your own pace. After reviewing the presentation, take the knowledge check. A successful knowledge check is required to complete the training. Receive a score of 85% or higher to pass. The knowledge check can be retaken.


Take the Test


Step 1

Review the training.

Step 2

Complete the Medicare Basics Certification Knowledge Check.