A virtual education series to help keep your heart healthy.

Start your journey to heart-healthy living with MVP’s new education series focused on understanding the risk factors for heart disease, developing heart-healthy habits to reduce those risks, and connecting you to resources available to you for better heart health management.

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Healthy Blood Pressure. Happy Heart.

Controlling high blood pressure is key to preventing heart attack, stroke, and kidney disease. This program will explain how blood pressure affects your heart and why it’s so important to your overall health and offer guidance for managing high blood pressure.

John D. Bisognano, MD PhD
Professor of Medicine / Cardiology
Director of AHA Hypertension Center of Excellence
University of Rochester Medical Center

High Cholesterol Got You Down?

When lifestyle changes aren’t enough to help lower your cholesterol, medication treatment may be necessary. This program will help you better understand what cholesterol is, why the numbers matter, and the medication therapies that may help.

Samuel Slevinski, PharmD, RPh, Clinical Pharmacist, MVP Health Care
John P. Gassler, MD, Medical Director – Policy, MVP Health Care

Eat Smart for a Healthy Heart

A healthy diet is a great way to take control of your heart health, improve your quality of life, and prevent future health issues. This program will offer nutrition education plus other lifestyle management tips to help make heart-smart decisions.

Marissa Donofrio, Registered Dietitian, MVP Health Coach
Kaitlin McCabe, MVP Health Coach

Keep Your Heart Fit

Engaging in regular physical activity plays an important role in keeping your heart fit and healthy. This program will explain the benefits of staying physically active and best practices for improving your activity level including stress and sleep management.

Angela Beutel, MVP Health Coach
Brenna Taggerty, CHES, BS, MVP Health Coach

Avoid Heartbreak
(Yes, you are in a relationship with your heart.)

Coronary artery disease (CAD) restricts the blood flow to your heart and can lead to heart attack or chronic heart failure. This program will review major risk factors for CAD, and how prevention and lifestyle changes can keep you in a happy and healthy long-term relationship with your heart.

John P. Gassler, MD, Medical Director – Policy, MVP Health Care