MVP Health Care Offers On-Demand COVID-19 PCR Testing and Laboratory Collections

First regional health plan to offer innovative digital platform providing safe and affordable diagnostic services

Schenectady, NY — December 20, 2021 —

MVP Health Care
(MVP) today announced a collaboration with BioReference Laboratories, Inc., an OPKO Health company, to offer MVP members medically necessary COVID-19 PCR testing, bloodwork, and other diagnostic tests in the comfort of their homes. MVP, the first insurer in New York and Vermont to offer this service, is doing so utilizing
Scarlet Health™, BioReference’s seamlessly integrated digital platform that provides specimen collection for laboratory diagnostic services conducted by a Scarlet Health professional in a patient’s home or office. 

Through Scarlet, MVP members receive access to safe, convenient and affordable diagnostic testing from the comfort of their home or workplace. To use Scarlet, a member will receive a link after visiting – or connecting virtually – with their healthcare provider for a Scarlet Health professional to collect their test specimen which will then be sent to BioReference for testing. A member will be notified via email and/or text message when test results can be viewed through BioReference’s HIPAA-compliant online patient portal. Simultaneously, the healthcare provider who ordered the tests will receive the results. Separately, a member can initiate their test collection by Scarlet directly once they receive a healthcare provider test order. 

“There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has altered how patients prefer to interact with the health care system. By partnering with BioReference to offer Scarlet Health, MVP is opening the door to health care accessibility, meeting our members where they are,” said MVP Health Care’s President and CEO, Chris Del Vecchio. “Through this partnership we are proud to enable a more personalized and convenient approach to diagnostic testing that empowers members to take control of their care without leaving the comfort of home.” 

Scarlet offers more than 1,500 different laboratory tests through BioReference and increases access to critical diagnostic services like medically necessary COVID-19 PCR tests. Through this partnership, MVP members will be empowered to keep themselves and their communities’ safe, making health care more accessible through its advanced telehealth platform, Gia. 

“Scarlet Health offers a safe, convenient and flexible option for MVP members to receive critical diagnostic testing collection, closing critical gaps in patient care and completing the last medical mile,” said Jon R. Cohen, M.D., Executive Chairman of BioReference Laboratories. “Scarlet was designed to fundamentally change the patient experience, utilizing familiar on-demand virtual formats that patients use every day and intuitively understand. We are proud to partner with MVP Health Care in providing their members with a safe, convenient, patient-centric diagnostic testing experience.” 


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About MVP Health Care 

MVP Health Care is a nationally recognized, not-for-profit health insurer caring for members in New York and Vermont. Committed to the complete well-being of our members and the communities we serve, MVP makes health insurance more convenient, more supportive, and more personal. For more information, visit, or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn


About Scarlet Health 

Scarlet Health™ reimagines the delivery of laboratory diagnostics through its integrated digital platform – addressing the complexity of healthcare in the digital age. Scarlet’s on-demand, on-location laboratory specimen collection solution, boasting an expansive menu of more than 1,500 tests, enables a fully virtual telehealth experience. Backed by BioReference’s national presence and infrastructure, with laboratory facilities and advanced professionals across the country, Scarlet delivers an innovative and mobile alternative to traditional laboratory testing options closing critical gaps in patient care and completing the last medical mile. BioReference works with our trusted partners to create customizable solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing medical systems and provider workflows. 


About BioReference Laboratories, Inc. 

BioReference Laboratories, Inc., is one of the largest full-service specialty laboratories in the United States that gives healthcare providers and patients the power to make confident healthcare decisions. With a focus on genetics, oncology, urology and women’s health, BioReference offers comprehensive test solutions and unparalleled expertise based on a 40-year legacy of proven science. The company is in-network with the largest health plans in the United States, serves approximately 19 million patients annually, operates a network of 11 laboratory locations, and is backed by a medical staff of more than 300 M.D., D.O., Ph.D., genetic counselors and other professional clinical and scientific personnel. With a national footprint and niche market experience, BioReference provides credible and innovative solutions that meet the needs of employers, governmental agencies, educational systems, hospitals and health systems, correctional institutions, sports leagues, travel and leisure industries, and retail markets. BioReference provides industry-leading custom solutions for COVID-19, including point-of-care testing and large-scale screening programs. For more information visit or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn