Published April 2024

MVP would like to direct Participating Behavioral Health facilities to tools and resources that will be helpful to you when caring for MVP Members. For questions about any of the following information, please contact your Behavioral Health Professional Relations Representative.

Federal Information Processing Standard FIPS/Locator Code Billing

For Children Home and Community Based Services and Child and Family Treatment Support Services, FIPS/County Locator Code should represent the county where the patient was physically located during service delivery.  Please review the Location Value Code Billing Change document for a list of codes by county.

For more information, go here and select Payment Policies Effective April 1, 2024, then select the Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder policy. 

Childrens HCBS Referral and Authorization Form

Effective April 17, 2024, the revised Childrens HCBS Referral Form and Childrens HCBS Authorization and Care Management Notification form must be used. Use of previous forms will no longer be accepted after this date. Access the updated form here.

Mobile Crisis and Crisis Residence Rate Code Consolidation

Effective May 1, 2024, Childrens Crisis Intervention Mobile rate codes 7906-7910, 7936-7942, and Crisis Residence rate codes 7943-7945 will be retired. Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) codes will no longer be applicable for Children’s Mobile Crisis billing.

For more information, please review the MVP Provider Clinical Education page and select the Crisis Services section for training information.

Important Updates

Review other articles in this issue regarding important updates.