2019 New York Small Group plans include pediatric dental benefits! Covered dependents, up to age 19, have access to preventive, routine, and major services—from any licensed provider, giving members the freedom to choose any dentist they like! MVP members simply use their MVP Member ID card to obtain these dental services.

  • MVP Small Group Pediatric Dental Plan Highlights

    • Pediatric benefits meet Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements.
    • No additional monthly premium (included with medical plan premium).
    • Dental services are subject to the medical deductible and out-of-pocket maximum (Preventive services are subject to the deductible only in HDHP plans).
    • Members can choose any licensed dental provider!
    • For even more coverage, MVP standalone plans (administered by Healthplex or Delta Dental) can be purchased alongside MVP Small Group plans; the pediatric dental benefit that is embedded with your medical plan will be the primary benefit.

Standalone Dental Coverage Options for Individuals and Small Groups in New York

MVP partners with Healthplex to offer ACA-compliant dental coverage for kids as well as quality dental services for families and adults through a network of fully credentialed general dentists and specialists. These plans, available in New York, can be purchased with your MVP Health Care medical plan, or separately. Find a Healthplex Dental Provider.

  • Pediatric Dental Services

    Get comprehensive dental coverage, both in- and out-of-network, for these services.

    • Preventive Dental Care—Procedures which help to prevent oral disease from occurring, including scaling and polishing the teeth once every six months, topical fluoride treatments once every six months, sealants and space maintainers
    • Routine Dental Care—Dental examinations, x-rays, simple extractions, routine dental surgery (where hospitalization is not required), fillings and more
    • Emergency Dental Care—Emergency treatment required to alleviate pain and suffering caused by dental disease or trauma. Emergency Dental Care is not subject to Pre-Authorization
    • Endodontics—Procedures for treatment of diseased pulp chambers and pulp canals (where hospitalization is not required)
    • Prosthodontics*—Removable dentures (complete or partial), including six months of follow-up care
    • Orthodontics**—Used to help restore oral structures to health and function and to treat serious medical conditions such as: cleft palate and cleft lip, underdeveloped upper or lower jaw, and more

    *Requires Pre-Authorization with MVP Dental for Kids and MVP Dental PPO (Family and Adult plans)

    **Requires Pre-Authorization with MVP Dental for Kids and MVP Dental PPO (Family plan)

Individual Plans

Small Group Plans

Note: Preauthorization forms can be found on the Members page under Forms, in the Claims & Reimbursement section.