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  • Scarlet Health for In-House Lab Testing

    Introducing Scarlet Health® for In-Home Lab Test Collection

    Published April 2022

    MVP Health Care® (MVP) is collaborating with BioReference Laboratories, Inc. to offer MVP Members medically necessary COVID-19 PCR testing, bloodwork, and other diagnostic tests in the comfort of their homes. MVP is utilizing Scarlet Health®, BioReference’s on-demand, fully integrated digital solution that offers specimen collection at a convenient location of your patients’ choosing such as their home or workplace.

    As we learned in the recent MVP podcast: Exploring the Virtual-to-Physical Care Continuum, patients desire availability, which is a component of access, convenience, and value. Scarlet gives patients an easy option to stay current with their laboratory testing which may not only lower costs but may also lead to improved health outcomes and happier patients. When you tell your patients about Scarlet, you not only give them the choice of convenience and peace of mind, you may also reduce the unfilled lab test gap.

    Providers who want to make this part of their regular workflow may email for more information. However, patients can still take advantage of this service even if you’re not contracted with Scarlet Health. Just be sure to click the print button instead of automatically sending the order to a lab. Give the printed lab order to the Member so they can share it with Scarlet.

    After the test is complete, lab results will be sent to the ordering provider via fax or secure email. Patients may access their test results via the secure, HIPAA-compliant BioReference Patient Portal.

    Learn more about Scarlet.

  • Telemedicine Podcast: Part 2

    Exploring the Virtual-To-Physical-Care Continuum

    Published April 2022

    Last quarter, MVP launched Part 1 of our podcast with Dr. Kim Kilby, Vice President, Medical Director for Health and Well-Being at MVP, and Dr. Tucker Slingerland, CEO of Hudson Headwaters Health Network in upstate New York. Together, they discussed telehealth in general, and how we can all work together to achieve an optimal virtual-to-physical care continuum in the future.

    We are proud to present Part 2. In the conclusion of their conversation, we’ll hear about how in person visits and virtual care can work together for the best patient care. The doctors also discussed other challenges and foreseeable changes as health care continues to adapt to our ever-changing environment. Access both podcasts at

  • Electronic Claims Submission Update

    Electronic Claims Submission Update

    Published April 2022

    As part of your agreement with MVP, Providers that are enabled to submit claims electronically must do so. To ensure the claims submission and remittance process is as easy for Providers as possible, MVP is reviewing and enhancing its digital strategy and capabilities related to these processes. Providers are encouraged to take advantage of the many digital options available which helps to streamline the process – through our online claims keying tool, direct 837 submission to MVP, or through a billing service or clearinghouse of your choice.

    As a result of this review, we are updating our list of preferred clearinghouses to ensure our Providers receive the highest quality service from these vendors. Over the next few months, you may receive a notification from your clearinghouse stating MVP has ended its relationship with them. However, this will not impact your ability to submit claims to MVP. Providers can use any claims clearinghouse vendor and the claims will be submitted to MVP. Regardless of if MVP is contracted with a specific clearinghouse, your submission process does not need to change, and the service, including response times, should not be impacted.

    There are many ways to submit claims to MVP – the use of a clearinghouse is just one way. MVP also encourages providers to receive remittance electronically, which helps to expedite payment. Learn more about how to submit claims and receive remittance electronically at

  • Updated Contact Information for DME Requests

    Updated Contact Information for DME Requests

    Published April 2022

    Effective immediately, please call the MVP Customer Care Center for Provider Services at 800-684-9286 for calls related to Durable Medical Equipment (DME) inquiries. MVP has discontinued the use of the former DME phone number, 800 452 6966, as of April 1, 2022.

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